Lecture Notes

  1. Saf's Pipeline Notes pdf
  2. Jon's Pipeline Notes pdf
  3. XSI Export Options pdf
  4. Phil's Pipeline notes .bashrc directory structures Houdini File Types Screen Grabs
  5. Maya to Houdini Camera

Scripts and Examples

Point Bake Export Maya->Houdini (this replaces the clip version as clip is no longer in the EDU version of Houdini)


XSI to Houdini Scripts

The following scripts and examples allow the export of baked mesh geometry and animations to be loaded into houdini. For full examples see here

Lighting Tools

This page shows the Median Cut lighting tools and XSI, Houdini and Maya scripts for importing the light map files

Sample Pull Pipeline

Source Files tgz

The above example shows how we can use the standard export and import functions of maya to allow us to "pull in" animation assest to a scene. The system uses a simple configuration script to load the data. To use the system edit the file in the directory /GP1/GP1SC1 called GP1SC1Config changing the line

SHOWROOT /Users/jmacey/Desktop/Pipeline/GP1/

To reflect the directory where the file has been placed.

Once this is done run the script NCCASceneImport (placed in the GP1/Scripts directory) passing in the full path of the Config file to read.

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