NGL  6.5
The NCCA Graphics Library
ToonShaders.h File Reference
#include <string>
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const std::string toonVertexShader
const std::string toonFragmentShader

Variable Documentation

const std::string toonFragmentShader

Definition at line 22 of file ToonShaders.h.

const std::string toonVertexShader
Initial value:
#version 150
in vec3 inVert;
in vec3 inNormal;
in vec2 inUV;
uniform mat4 MVP;
uniform mat3 normalMatrix;
out vec3 normalEyeSpace;
void main()
normalEyeSpace = normalMatrix * inNormal;
gl_Position = MVP*vec4(inVert,1.0);

Definition at line 5 of file ToonShaders.h.