Yiyang Huang

This project aimed to build a artist-friendly tool which could edit details of toon shading.

Generating unit-test data with Julia

Using Julia to generate unit test data for my Matrix classes in python

Many ways to build a Vec3

We look at diffent ways of building a simple Vec3 class in python

Dmitrii Shevchenko

This project presents a modular rigging pipeline that enables user to create rigs using either Python API directly or via node-based interface. The system aims to be extensible, allowing rigger to add new custom rig components or extend already existing ones. In order to be tool-oriented this pipeline utilizes metadata concept and component to Python class bindings which leads to consistent functionality for any additional tools.

Edward Barnes

This project did .......

How to install Renderman Pro-Server

How to setup and run renderman and python.

Lecture 3 Lighting in Maya

An introduction to lightin in Maya

Using USD with python

some basic instructions for using Pixar's USD in the labs

Renderman Plugin guide

This page lists the rib and python syntax for all of the current renderman plugins.

Renderman Plugin guide

This page lists the rib and python syntax for all of the current renderman plugins.


Online Renderman hekp

Lecture 2 Geometry in Renderman

An introduction to the different geometry types in renderman

Introduction to Renderman and Python

An introduction to renderman and the python api

Lecture 3 Lighting in Renderman

Lighting in renderman

Eimear Crotty

Vulkan is a low-level graphics and compute API which aims to provide users with faster draw speeds by removing overhead from the driver. The user is expected to explicitly provide the details previously generated by the driver. The resulting extra code can be difficult to understand and taxing to write for beginners, leading to the need for a helper library.

Lecture 2 Maya and Python.

Using Python and PyMel

Lecture 1 A technical Introduction to Maya

Introducing some of the more technical aspects of Maya

Lecture 4 Computation, Iterators and Exporters

Maya C++ Computation, Iterators and Exporters

Lecture 2 Introduction to the Maya C++ API

Introduction to the Maya C++ API

Lecture 1 Maya Python

Using Python in Maya

Lecture 3 Maya Nodes

Maya C++ Nodes

Useful Maya Links

Useful Maya Links

Mihail Temelkov

Pipeline Development

Peter Dodds

Intuitive and fast simulation for soft and viscous substances