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Yuqian(Ashley) He

This project presents an innovative approach for transferring mesh and skeleton data from Maya to Houdini using the Universal Scene Description (USD) format, providing a supplementary method to the traditional FBX and ABC data transfer processes. Initially, two plugins were developed using the C++ Maya API, designed to extract mesh and skeleton information from Maya. This data was then converted with the USD API and exported in a USD format. For importing this data into Houdini, two additional plugins were developed utilizing C++ Houdini Development Kit (HDK), converting the USD data into a format that Houdini can recognize and display. In essence, this project explores an alternative avenue for data exchange between Maya and Houdini, contributing to the diversification of data transfer methodologies in the 3D animation industry.

Dmitrii Shevchenko

This project presents a modular rigging pipeline that enables user to create rigs using either Python API directly or via node-based interface. The system aims to be extensible, allowing rigger to add new custom rig components or extend already existing ones. In order to be tool-oriented this pipeline utilizes metadata concept and component to Python class bindings which leads to consistent functionality for any additional tools.

Alexander Turusov

Modular Procedural Rigging

Eduard Zell

Automatic rigging Tool for centipedes and millipedes

Jon Hudson

Creature Generation using Genetic Algorithms and Auto-Rigging

Rahul Lakakwar

Auto Rigging Setup Tool