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MSc projects from 2006

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MSc projects from 2007

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MSc projects from 2015

How to install Renderman Pro-Server

How to setup and run renderman and python.

Renderman Plugin guide

This page lists the rib and python syntax for all of the current renderman plugins.


Online Renderman hekp

Lecture 2 Geometry in Renderman

An introduction to the different geometry types in renderman

Introduction to Renderman and Python

An introduction to renderman and the python api

Lecture 3 Lighting in Renderman

Lighting in renderman

Lecture 4 Computation, Iterators and Exporters

Maya C++ Computation, Iterators and Exporters

Advaita Waikar

Rendering of Calcite Crystal

Chris Leu

A Simple Pipeline for Denoising Renders with Neural Networks

David Minor Fire Simulation System

Fire Simulation System

Francesca Galluzzi

Cel-Shading with OSL in RenderMan21 for Maya

Martin Davies

A Practical Investigation of RenderMan RIS API

Colm Doherty Procedural Skin Shaders using RenderMan

Procedural Skin Shaders using RenderMan

Henry Van Der Beek "Bullring Animation"

Crowd simulation and rendering in Maya

Tom Melson Crowd Simulation with Maya and Renderman

Crowd Simulation with Maya and Renderman