Lecture 6 Data Files and Serialization


Lecture 8 Introduction to Qt

Introduction to Qt

Lecture 9 Introduction to Modern OpenGL

Three part lecture series introducing Modern OpenGL

Lecture 10 Introduction to Qt

Introduction to Qt

Lecture 11 Introduction to Modern OpenGL

Introduction to Modern OpenGL

Matthew Stanton

A tool for Maya which can be loaded as a plugin and allows for the easy creation of jhumkas in Maya.

Josh Bailey

The nature of this project was to design and implement an interactive shader editor that is equally accessible to both programmers and artists. The tool provides users with the choice between a code or node editor, to develop fragment shaders. The former requires previous GLSL experience, with users expect to code their shaders from scratch. However, the latter requires no previous programming experiences and takes advantage of a node-based editor, using a pre-implemented Ray Marching algorithm.