MSc Projects 2005

MSc projects from 2005

MSc Projects 2021

MSc projects from 2021

MayaPY not working

When running the following code in a mayapy session import maya.standalone maya.standalone.initialize(name='python') The interpreter never returns for the next line of code. TL;DR was an issue with my where I use cmds.

Lecture 3 Lighting in Maya

An introduction to lightin in Maya

Lecture 2 Maya and Python.

Using Python and PyMel

Lecture 1 A technical Introduction to Maya

Introducing some of the more technical aspects of Maya

Lecture 4 Computation, Iterators and Exporters

Maya C++ Computation, Iterators and Exporters

Lecture 2 Introduction to the Maya C++ API

Introduction to the Maya C++ API

Lecture 1 Maya Python

Using Python in Maya

Lecture 3 Maya Nodes

Maya C++ Nodes

Useful Maya Links

Useful Maya Links

Akila Lakshminarayanan

Animal Stampede Simulation

Adam Gritt

Procedural Fish Animation using Maya API

Alexander Turusov

Modular Procedural Rigging

Eduard Zell

Automatic rigging Tool for centipedes and millipedes

Francesca Galluzzi

Cel-Shading with OSL in RenderMan21 for Maya

Han Wang Swarm

Swarm Intelligence simulating ant foraging behaviour

Joao Montenegro Almedia Weathering System for Maya

Weathering System for Maya

Magdalene Chan

fire whirl simulation

Mihail Temelkov

Pipeline Development

Quan Xiang

Simulation of Wet Sand in Maya

Rahul Lakakwar

Auto Rigging Setup Tool

Carrie Sullivan Night Terrors

Night Terrors animation

Henry Van Der Beek "Bullring Animation"

Crowd simulation and rendering in Maya

Paul Timpson "Sea Anemone"

Sea Anemone simulation and rendering

Tom Melson Crowd Simulation with Maya and Renderman

Crowd Simulation with Maya and Renderman