MSc CAVE Project

Constantinos Glynos

3D Skeleton Extraction using a single Kinect camera

Ioannis Ioannidis

Fluid Implicit Particle Fluid Solver using OpenMP directives

Michael Cairns

3D Model Deformation using Finite Elements

Milto Miltiadou

3D motion capture of an Actor for Fall Detection and Health Monitoring

Punyawee Srisuchat's

Development of a car physics engine for games

Raaj Gupte

Real Time Virtual Camera

Victor French

Rag doll physics simulation

Adam Gritt

Procedural Fish Animation using Maya API

Advaita Waikar

Rendering of Calcite Crystal

Ahmad Ghourab

A Fluid Implicit Particle Approach to a Pyro Solver in Houdini

Aina Nicolau Orell

Position Based Dynamics for Character Effects

Alex Poolton

Conducting a Comparative Study of Traditional and Hybrid Xbox Control Systems within a Developed Game

Alexander Turusov

Modular Procedural Rigging

Alexis Agrotis

Thesis A Fluid Implicit Particle (FLIP) Sovler Built in Houdini Abstract The following thesis presents the research and implementation of a Fluid Implicit Particle (FLUID). A literature review is included in order to highlight the most commonly used techniques for simulating fluids in the Visual Effects and Computer Graphics industries as well as critically analyse and compare them.

Amitha Arun

Pathfinding Algorithms in Multi-Agent Systems

Andy Abgottspon

Procedural modelling in Houdini based on Function Representation

Anitha Rajagopalan

Real Time Simulation of Game Character Clothing

Ashley Morrison

Audio driven games

Ben Carey

Procedural Forest Generation with L-System Instancing

Brett Lambright

Eulerian Smoke Simulation

Burak Ertekin

Fluid Simulation using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics

Calum Devlin

An Investigation into an Assortment of Flocking Algorithms

Carlos Pérez López

Crowd Simulation based on Emergent Behaviours

Chaitanya Kapu

Procedural generation of Bridges and Tunnels

Chen-Yuan Hsu

Multiplexed Metropolis Light Transport

Chong Deng

HDRI and Image Based Lighting

Chris Leu

A Simple Pipeline for Denoising Renders with Neural Networks

Chris Priscott

3D Langrangian Fluid Solver using SPH approximations.

Christopher Rayner

Genetically Evolved Motion Controllers

Daria Kozlova

A User Friendly Hair Reflectance Model in Houdini

David Minor Fire Simulation System

Fire Simulation System

Deepak Mathur

Implementing a simple raytracer

Derik Gokstorp

Prototyping a Custom 3D Printing Slicer

Di Xiao Walking

Walking Penguin Crowd Simulation

Eduard Zell

Automatic rigging Tool for centipedes and millipedes

Emanuele Goffredo

Procedural destruction in Houdini

Erika Camilleri

Path Planning for Natural Phenomena

Esther de Jong

Thesis Simulating Snow with the Material Point Method Abstract This thesis discusses the research and development steps for the simulation of snow with the Material Point Method (MPM). In order to gain an understanding in the technique and mathematics the MPM was researched in detail.

Ewan Rice

OpenGL GPU Features and Fluid SPH

Fabio Turchet Implicit Skinning

Implicit Skinning