Alexandra Kim Bui

This work demonstrates the usage of voronoi fracture extrusions for creating a procedural city blocks. The user is able to control 4 stages of the creation the flora such as trees, bushes, waters like rivers), buildings (city centre, residential area, administrative buildings) and roads with pathways.

Kirdana Sairathan

This project documents the procedural simulation of rotting and decay, which is a natural phenomime many have seen. It can be simulated to add realism to a scene. Several papers relating to this topic have been discussed, highlighting some of the commonly used techniques. A custom-made solver was developed in Houdini18.5 using the Pyro Sop Solver and predominantly the VEX Wrangles and VOP networks to simulate this process. This report outlines the framework to create a rotting simulation of several fruits; apple, banana and orange. This digital asset will allow the user to input their modelled fruit and set various parameters to create the desired rotting effect they wish. Further development is required to add further realism into the simulation

Caoimhe McCarthy

This pproject demonstrates the generation of a Houdini Digital Asset for ivy growth. This procedural tool can generate a variety of different scenes based on user defined parameter values. The ivy is generated using a sort of particle based method first introduced in 1985 by Reeves and Blau (1985). Using this as the basis for the growth algorithm, the HDA also simulates external tropisms such as gravitropism and phototropism. Along with the ability to automatically generate ivy, this tool allows the user the more stylistic approach of drawing ivy directly onto the environment geometry. This highly art-directable procedural tool demonstrates an easy way to generate climbing ivy.