MSc Projects 2009

MSc projects from 2009

Jacob Worgan

Fluid simulation is a well studied and important aspect of computer graphics, and with increasing hardware power they are becoming more common in interactive applications. This thesis focusses on exploring the idea of how these fluid simulations can be used in the context of player interaction, and the novel gameplay that can arise from the increasing usage of these simulated elements.

Alex Christo

A realtime procedural creature generation system built in Unity. The aim was to create a more open ended generation system than had existed previously. A base body is created using free form deformation, it is rigged and skinned automatically. Limbs are then attached to create one of three creature types swimming, flying or walking. Animations are all driven procedurally and adapt to the creature generated.

Alex Poolton

Conducting a Comparative Study of Traditional and Hybrid Xbox Control Systems within a Developed Game

Sundararajan Srinivasakannan

Rapid Game Development

Spencer Drayton Team AI for Games

Team AI for Games