MSc Projects 2017

MSc projects from 2017

Federico Leone

Implicit Skinning

Francesca Galluzzi

Cel-Shading with OSL in RenderMan21 for Maya

Jesin Roy

Diffusion Limited Aggregation Inside 3D Models

Lloyd Phillips

Thesis Ava - Game Development Abstract This thesis undergoes the process of a group project undergoing the development of a game. The game is called AVA and it is a 3rd person puzzle walking simulator game produced by 5 artists and a programmer.

Marta Feriani

Art-directing procedural vegetation in Houdini using a space colonization algorithm

Sydney Dimitra Kyrtsia

Fluid Solver built in Houdini

Vijin Ravindran

Visualizing Astronomical Data In Houdini

Yao Lyu

Hair Simulation based on Mass Spring Models