MSc Projects 2016

MSc projects from 2016

Aina Nicolau Orell

Position Based Dynamics for Character Effects

Alexis Agrotis

Thesis A Fluid Implicit Particle (FLIP) Sovler Built in Houdini Abstract The following thesis presents the research and implementation of a Fluid Implicit Particle (FLUID). A literature review is included in order to highlight the most commonly used techniques for simulating fluids in the Visual Effects and Computer Graphics industries as well as critically analyse and compare them.

Calum Devlin

An Investigation into an Assortment of Flocking Algorithms

Derik Gokstorp

Prototyping a Custom 3D Printing Slicer

Erika Camilleri

Path Planning for Natural Phenomena

Ewan Rice

OpenGL GPU Features and Fluid SPH

Ina M. Sorensen

Melting Simulation with the Material Point Method

Jennifer Moorehead

Thesis Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics Abstract This paper discusses the implementation of a fluid solver which implements a version of Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics approximations using the prediction relaxation scheme proposed by Clavet et al.

Luke Bazalgette

Thesis Flocking system mimicking fish school behaviours Abstract In this thesis, a programmable flocking system was developed. The system is designed to emulate the movement patterns of fish in a body of water.

Rabia Engin

Multi-agent System with Artificial Intelligence

Rebecca Kuo

Position Based Fluid

Tonya Strantzi

Fluid Simulation Using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH)

Yasser Mohsen

Implementation of Artistic Curly Hair Dynamics in Houdini