MSc Projects 2015

MSc projects from 2015

Amitha Arun

Pathfinding Algorithms in Multi-Agent Systems

Burak Ertekin

Fluid Simulation using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics

Esther de Jong

Thesis Simulating Snow with the Material Point Method Abstract This thesis discusses the research and development steps for the simulation of snow with the Material Point Method (MPM). In order to gain an understanding in the technique and mathematics the MPM was researched in detail.

Joshua Bainbridge

Sorted Shading for Uni-Directional Pathtracing

Martin Davies

A Practical Investigation of RenderMan RIS API

Pieterjan Bartels

Position Based Dynamics

Shruti Jain

Particle Packing

Tanja Munz

Curvature-Adaptive Remeshing with Feature Preservation of Manifold Triangle Meshes with Boundary