Using rsync between the Linux and Windows Labs

Using rsync over ssh

The rsync command is used to synchronize file system across the same or remote machines. Whilst this is standard for Linux machines / WSL the windows terminal itself does not support it. There are however 3rd party tools which implement the same thing.

For the current Lab build we can use cwrsync under windows to allow the synchronization of folders between the linux and windows labs. With a little extra setup we can also use the vpn solution to allow sync from home machines as well.

Note all of these operations are going to require some interactions with the Windows or linux terminal. This is the nature of these sort of low level tools and whilst there are GUI’s available for some of these tools it is harder to install them under the current build so command line will have to do. Later in this post I will explain how to write a simple script to automate sync so only one command needs to be run.