Linux FOSS Tools

We have installed a number of Free OpenSource (FOSS) tools on the linux labs, most of these are either alternative tools for you to use or experiment with (such as Blender) or Linux alternatives to Windows / Mac only tools (such as photoshop).

These tools are all places in the folder /public/devel/2021/fossdcc however for ease there are a number of goScripts to make things easier to use.

To run a go script open a terminal and type (yes I know typing is so last century) go …..

ToolgoScriptTypeAlternative too
BlendergoBlenderFull 3d modelling and rendering V3.3.0 LTS With Renderman 24 supportMaya or Houdini
Armour PaintgoArmourPaint3D Painting SoftwareSubstance Painter / Mari
pureRefgoPureRefImage Reference / MoodboardsN/A
GaffergoGafferNode based lookdev python 3Houdini / Katana
DJVgoDJVPlayback and review of framesQuicktime / fcheck etc
mrViewergoMrViewerPlayback and review of framesQuicktime / fcheck etc
InkscapegoInkscape2D Vector Graphics and DrawingAdobe Illustrator
NatrongoNatronCompositing and TrackingNuke
KritagoKritaPainting and IllustratingPhotoshop / Gimp
OpenToonzgoToonz2D animation softwareVarious
Pencil2DgoPencil2D2D animation softwareVarious
StoryboardergoStoryboarderStoryboarding ToolsVarious
SynfigStudiogoSynfigStudio2D animation softwareVarious
Ultimaker CuragoUltimakerCura3d printer softwareVarious
Prusa SlicergoPrusaSlicer3d printer softwareVarious
MeshRoomgoMeshroom3D reconstruction software / photogrammetry

Why do we need goScripts?

Most of you are used to just doing a double click to run software on you home machines, or if using apps anywhere clicking and running the software. Under Linux things are a little different hence the need for the goScripts.

For the most part these scripts are used to setup a temporary runtime environment which points to things like the license server, where plugins are installed and other things. Sometimes we unset things like PYTHONPATH or QT_PLUGIN_PATH so user defined ones don’t mess with the other applications.

This is a complex process and each script is different, all of these scripts are just simple bash scripts and you can open any of them in an editor and have a look (note these are readonly so you can’t break them or save them).

If you would like to create or modify these to add anything you can copy them to your local directory and do so.

All the scripts are in the folder /public/bin/2021 and this is added to your path by default when you login.

goScripts for 2022

goBlenderruns blender
goArmourPaintruns Armour Paint
codeopens visual studio code editor
goDJVruns the DJV frame viewer
goGafferruns gaffer
goHoudiniruns houdini
goInkscaperuns inkscake
goKatanaruns katana
goKritaruns krita
goMariruns mari
goMayaruns maya
goMeshroomruns Meshroom
goMrViewerruns mrViewer
goMudboxruns mudbox
goNatronruns natron
goNukeruns nuke
goPencil2Druns pencil2D
goPftrackruns pftrack
goPureRefruns pureref
qtcreatoropens the QtCreator IDE
goSynfigStudioruns synfig studio
goToonzruns Open Toonz
goUltimakerCuraruns Ultimater Cura
goPrusaSlicerruns Prussa Slicer