Lab 1 Python Setup

The aim of this lab is to setup our python environment in the lab and give you the ability to setup something similar at home. I will video it live and upload afterwards as this will mainly be an interactive session.


We will start by setting up pyenv

Python Environment Variables

We will now setup and explore some of the python environment variables


We can install python modules in a number of ways Blog post

Pip is the package installer for python. We will install some packages we will use throughout the unit using pip. Note that we need to do this for each environment we create.


Virtual Env vs PyEnv

Now we will explore using Virtual Env and see how it differs from PyEnv.


We can setup an alias to mayapy in our .bashrc

alias mayapy='/opt/autodesk/maya/bin/mayapy'

In particular the maya symbolic link in /opt/autodesk always points to the latest version of maya installed. At present under linux we are using maya2020 which is still using python2.7.11 which is not ideal. Also beware of your file