Project Ideas

App Launcher

At present all apps in the Linux lab are run using a goScript. These scripts set the user environment and enable various paths etc. This project will replace this with a GUI based system to launch the apps.

It will also enable the setup and configuration of per project / setup files for the app (for example which plugins to load etc) as well as default projects etc.

The app must be configurable and updatable by 3rd parties so it is east to configure as new apps are added and removed.

Code Generator

Most API’s require a lot of boiler plate code for plugin development. On top of this there are many different types of plugin all requiring different setups.

Generate a GUI based system that presents different plugin / api options for the user and generates a base working project. You should try and target both C++ and Python projects and the project should be extensible enough to allow more options.

Better Maya Code editor

We all know the maya code editor is rubbish, and most external editors are not much better relying on the commnand port to run things. Create an integrated editor for maya python / mel which allows modern IDE features like syntax highlighting and code completion for example it is likely this will be written in C++ as a plugin using Qt for the GUI.

Unreal Pipelines

At present a number of our unreal project use a very manual approach to exporting and formatting data from Maya / Houdini to Unreal. develop a set of working practices and automated tools to make this easier. This could include the use of metahumans as well as other assets.

Renderfarm tools

At present our renderfarm tools use the Qube python api and Python 2.7 we need to update the tool and setup to use python3 and the lates Maya / Houdini API’s. In addition to this we need to add better validation of scene files and data uploaded to the farm to ensure that all files needed for rendering are present.

A physically based lens distortion node for nuke.

Each pixel will have a scaled convolve matrix based on its depth. The depth is normalised 0-1, 0 being next to the lens, 1 being infinite distance. Ideally we should be able to control the bokeh and other abberations. Bokeh should also manage swirly bokeh as seen on a petzval lens. This has a radial distortion applied to the convolve matrix.

Nuke current node: zdefocus Industry strandard plugin: [pgbokeh]) Input RGB + z + Convolve, output RGB. A library of possible psf’s would be nice so you can choose one, otherwise a custom image input for the convolve.

An Asset pipeline

Develop an asset pipeline using existing tools such as zou watchtower or other tools. You will need to design, document and deploy this (I would suggest linux only for ease). and demonstrate that it can be used by artists.