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NCCA Render Farm (stats here)

This is a work in progress page for the NCCA render farm, at present there are some stats and other bit but more details will be put on in the future

NCCA Render farm Source Code and Tools Version 1.0. This is the first production release and is now being heavily tested by the Masters students for the group project download

Getting Started

To use the RenderFarm you must first set the environment variable RENDERDB

in the .bashrc file add the following export RENDERDB=rfmaster

Rendering with Mantra and Renderman

With Renderman or Houdini you need to generate either a .rib (prman) or a .ifd (mantra) file for each frame, once these are generated change to the directory of the files and type -s

This will submit all of the valid files in the current directory into the renderfarm.

Rendering with Maya

Maya jobs are different and the interface to the farm is similar to the maya command line Render program.

In the console change to the dir where your maya file is and then you type the following -s 1 -e 2 -f MayaTest.mb -r file -p /cgstaff/jmacey/maya/8.0/

-s is the start frame
-e is the end frame
-f [filename] is the name of the file you want to render
-r specifies which renderer to use ( if you do -r file it will pick it up from the render globals)
-p [dir] is the directory for the current maya project (which should be an absolute path)

you can also do a -o " any render options" such as -o " -pad 4 -im test -of tiff"

if you type Render --help in the console it will give you more information.

Using the script for Farm Control --help

DBADDR = rfmaster
Farm : script to manage NCCA Renderfarm
(C) Jon Macey
-v --verbose : turn on verbose output default off
-s --submit : submit all ribs in current dir to the Farm
-q --query : list number of pending Jobs in Farm for current user
-l --list : list all pending jobs in the Farm for current user
-r --remove : remove jobs from farm
ALL will remove all jobs from the current user
or wild cards (using %) from the job name can be used for example
Farm -r %Pass2% will remove any files containing the string Pass2

Stats and Jobs

Farm output per minute(short) Farm output per hour (complete)(long) Node isAlive stats (isAlive)

total Stats (see who's been hogging the farm!)

Pending Render Jobs


Completed Jobs

Node statistics

Currently Active Renders

Basic System Structure

Database structure