NCCA Pixmap Library

The NCCA Pixmap library was developed by Ian Stephenson for various projects and is now being used as part of the teaching of programming for all NCCA courses. The library is installed on all the NCCA linux studio machines so you will not need to install it, however if you wish to install it on your own machine you can either get the pre-compiled binaries from Ian's site or install the source as shown below.

Example programs and documentation can be found here

Getting the Library

The student version of the library is available via bzr version control

mkdir NCCAPixmap
cd NCCAPixmap
bzr branch

This will download a directory called source which contains the library source. The library is dependent upon the following libs which must be installed

libtiff libgif libjpeg OpenEXR


To build the library the scons build tool must be installed

cd source


sudo scons install

The scons install must be run as root and will install the lib in the following locations

/usr/include/NCCAPixmap [.h header files for the library]

/usr/lib/NCCAPixmap [static and dynamic library libNCCAPixmap.a]

/usr/bin/NCCAPixmap-config [a script to help build projects using the library]

Using the Library


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