[Chen-Yuan Hsu] MSc Project

Thesis [Multiplexed Metropolis Light Transport]


Multiplexed Metropolis light transport (MMLT) proposed by Hachisuka et al. (2014) at SIGGRAPH is a global illumination rendering algorithm which can efficiently solve indirect illumination issues. The key feature of MMLT is that the implementation of this algorithm is not difficult compared to other sophisticated Metropolis sampling rendering algorithms, and its performance is still effective. In this project, MMLT has been successfully implemented and extended from my rendering engine which was written for previous assignments. The quality of the final rendered images demonstrates the efficiency of MMLT for solving indirect illumination problems.

Perfect DiffuseGlossy

Perfect SpecularDielectric

The Door Scene

The User Interface


  1. Hachisuka T., Kaplanyan A. S. and Dachsbacher C., 2014 Multiplexed Metropolis Light Transport. ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG).

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