Masters Project : Implicit Skinning Implementation

Thesis in PDF:   Implicit Skinning Implementation download thesis

This project is about the implementation of an innovative skinning technique presented at SIGGRAPH 2013 and contained in the paper "Implicit skinning: real-time skin deformation with contact modeling" by R. Vaillant, et al.

Program and Results


UI of the program  (C++, OpenGL and QT)



Finger High Poly  LBS/Implicit Skinning comparison

Finger Hi Poly



Arm High Poly  LBS/Implicit Skinning comparison

Arm Hi Poly


Leg High Poly  LBS/Implicit Skinning comparison

Knee Hi Poly


Finger Low Poly  LBS/Implicit Skinning comparison

Finger Low Poly


Arm Low Poly  LBS/Implicit Skinning comparison

Arm Low Poly


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