Sarah Invernizzi MSc Project

On Physically Based Hair Rendering

This project investigates importance sampled hair light reflectance models in RenderMan's physically plausible pipeline. Implemented using RenderMan Pro Server 18.0 and Python this project explores hair reflectance models, shadowing, anti-aliasing and multiple importance sampling.


Still Images

Importance sampled hair shader based on 'ISHair:Importance Sampling for Hair Scattering' under environment lighting.

plausibleIsHair under plausible environment lighting

Importance sampled hair shader based on 'Importance Sampling of Reflection from Hair Fibers' under environment lighting.

plausibleMarschner under plausible environment lighting

Global illumination effects: area lighting in a Cornell Box.

plausibleIsHair under area lighting in a Cornell Box




Contact Info

My other projects include an Implicit Method Tree Modeller, Hair Simulation, RenderMan Shader, Houdini City Builder and Houdini effects for 3D animation. View Sarah Invernizzi's LinkedIn profileView my profile