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Linux Lab Build

The following list / links show what software is installed in the NCCA labs, this is in addition to the standard lab build of animation software we use in the main teaching. Most of this has been built from source and can be used in your own projects.


Cuda Parallel programming and compute platform

Development Tools

Qt 5 is installed in /opt/Qt5.9.0/ and qtcreator is in /opt/qtcreator You will need to add them to your path to get them to work

Development Libraries

Most of the development libraries and headers are placed in /usr/local so you will need to adjust paths accordingly in your projects.

OpenMesh data structures for meshes

GLFW (1 and 2) library for creating OpenGL context similar to SDL

PTEX ptex development libraries

OpenSubDiv pixars subdivision surface library

GLM OpenGL template lib for maths / primitives

assimp asset import library

OpenFrameworks Framework library for creative coding

OpenNI frame work for sensors (Kinect etc)

QHull various triangulation tools

libNoise library for coherent noise generation

SMPEG audio framework

OpenAL Soft audio framework

SDL 2.0 (and 1.x) multimedia framework for games this includes all the supporting libs and python libs

OpenColour I/O colour manegment

TinyXML 2 small C++ xml parser

OOIP Object Oriented Input System

POCO network libraries

Box2D 2d physics library

zlib compression library

fltk fast light toolkit gui framework

CTL the colour transform language

OpenEXR C++ and python binding for EXR image formats

CGAL Computational Geometry Algorithms Library

Threading Building Blocks threading lib from intel

CPP Unit unit testing for c++

jemalloc concurrent memory allocation

OpenVDB Volume data lib

Field3d Voloume data lib

PartIO particle i/o lib from Diseny

ODE Open Dynamics Engine Physics

Bullet Physics Physics Engine

PointCloud Library library for point clouds

OpenKinect library for accessing kinect sensors

OpenCV Open computer vision library

Alembic IO animation data transfer lib

Eigen C++ template library for linear algebra