NGL  6.5
The NCCA Graphics Library
File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
 AABB.cppImplementation files for AABB class
 AABB.hAxis Aligned Bounding Box
 AbstractMesh.cppSeries of classes used to define an abstract 3D mesh of Faces, Vertex Normals and TexCords
 AbstractMesh.hSeries of classes used to define an abstract 3D mesh of Faces, Vertex Normals and TexCords
 AbstractSerializer.hThis class is the base class for all NGL serialisation code
 BBox.cppSimple bounding box class
 BBox.hSimple bounding box class
 BezierCurve.cppBasic BezierCurve using CoxDeBoor algorithm
 BezierCurve.hBasic BezierCurve using CoxDeBoor algorithm
 Buddah.hRaw data for the Buddah vbo primitive
 Camera.cppImplementation files for Camera class
 Camera.hSimple camera class based on the Hill Book
 Colour.cppImplementation files for Colour class
 Colour.hSimple colour class for RGBA colour
 createDefaultVAOs.cppImplementation files for VAOPrimitives this has been split as it takes a long time to compile this file due to the size of the stanford models, as this file is not updated that often it was decided to split out this method to increase compilation speed when modifying the rest of the VAO primitives class
 Cube.hRaw data for the cube vbo primitive
 Dodecahedron.hRaw data for the dodecahedron vbo primitive
 Football.hRaw data for the football vbo primitive
 HoudiniGeo.cppImplementation files for HoudiniGeo class
 HoudiniGeo.hInherited from AbstractMesh to load houdini geometry
 Icosahedron.hRaw data for the Icosahedron vbo primitive
 Image.cppImplementation files for Image class
 Image.hA generic Image loader / wrapper for different Image libs this allows us to load an image to be used (for example) in the Texture class as there are many different ways to do this this class has compile time options to choose the image loading library to use At present support is going to be QImage (for Qt builds) ImageMagic, OpenImageIO DevIL Image data will be stored in either RGB or RGBA contiguos unsigned char data
 Light.cppImplementation files for Light class
 Light.hEncapsulation of an OpenGL Light
 Mat3.hSimple 3x3 TX matrix
 Mat4.cppImplementation files for Matrix class
 Material.cppImplementation files for Material class
 NCCABinMesh.cppImplementation files for NCCABinMesh class
 NCCABinMesh.hInherited from AbstractMesh export and load binary data in our own format
 NCCAPointBake.cppImplementation files for NCCAPointBake class
 NCCAPointBake.hSimple point baked animation data for animation data export
 NGLassert.hRe impliment asserts so we don't exit on failure
 NGLInit.cppImplementation files for NGLInit class
 NGLInit.hBasic class to initialise the NGL library
 NGLStream.hStream helpers for ngl data types
 Obj.cppImplementation files for Obj class
 Obj.hBasic obj loader inherits from AbstractMesh
 Octahedron.hRaw data for VBO Octahedron
 PathCamera.cppImplementation files for PathCamera class
 PathCamera.hSimple camera attached to a path inherits from Camera
 Plane.cppImplementation files for Plane class
 Plane.hSimple mathmatical representation of a plane
 Quaternion.cppImplementation files for Quaternion class
 Quaternion.hDefines the class Quaternion based on John Vinces lecture notes basically we have a scalar part and then a vector part (stored as x,y,z) each component of the Quat is stored as a Real value
 Random.cppImplementation files for Random class
 Random.hEncapsulation of the std::random classes
 rapidjson.hCommon definitions and configuration
 rapidxml.hppThis file contains rapidxml parser and DOM implementation
 rapidxml_iterators.hppThis file contains rapidxml iterators
 rapidxml_print.hppThis file contains rapidxml printer implementation
 RibExport.hSimple rib exporter function
 Shader.cppImplementation files for Shader class
 ShaderLib.cppImplementation files for ShaderLibrary and manager class
 ShaderLib.hMain shader loader / manager class for GLSL shaders
 ShaderProgram.cppImplementation files for ShaderProgram class
 Singleton.hSimple singleton template inherited by other classes
 SpotLight.cppImplementation files for SpotLight class
 SpotLight.hEncapsulation of OpenGL spotlight inherits from the Light class
 Teapot.hBasic raw data for the teapot primitive
 Tetrahedron.hRaw data for the tetrahedron in VBOPrimitives
 Text.hBasic text rendering for OpenGL 3.x
 Texture.cppImplementation files for Texture class
 Texture.hSimple texture loader / GL texture object
 Transformation.cppImplementation files for Transformation class
 Transformation.hSimple transformation object containing rot / tx / scale and final matrix
 Types.hMain definition of types and namespace
 Util.cppImplementation files for Util class
 Util.hSome useful definitions and functions
 VAOPrimitives.cppImplementation files for VAOPrimitives class
 Vec2.cppImplementation files for Vec2 class
 Vec2.hSimple 2 tuple container for compatibility with glsl
 Vec3.cppImplementation files for Vec3 class
 Vec3.hSimple 3 tuple container for compatibility with glsl
 Vec4.hEncapsulates a 4d Homogenous Point / Vector object
 VertexArrayObject.cppImplementation files for VertexArrayObject class
 VertexArrayObject.hClass to store an OpenGL VAO
 XMLSerializer.hXML Serialization for NGL