Computer Graphics Fundamentals

Assignment Brief pdf

Lecture Notes

  1. Introduction to CGF Lecture Program, The Computer Image slides slides 4 per page ipod movie
  2. Numbers, slides slides 4 per page ipod
  3. More Numbers, Fibonacci, Logarithms, Cartesian coordinates Pythagoras slides slides 4 up
  4. Lines and Geometry, Euclid cos sine tan slides slides 4 up ipod
  5. Compositing Algebra Alpha compositing slides 4 per page ipod Porter and Duff paper pdf
  6. Vectors Matrices and Homogeneous Co-ordinate systems slides 4 per page
  7. Intro to group project The Production Pipeline
  8. Object Representation and Affine Transforms slides 4 per page
  9. Rendering Pipeline 1. The Virtual Camera slides 4 per page
  10. Rendering Pipeline 2. Clipping, Sorting and Rendering approaches slides 4 per page
  11. Rendering Pipeline 3. Illumination models and Lighting slides 4 per page
  12. Raytracing Advanced Rendering, Texturing slides 4 per page

Links and Articles

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