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Lecture Notes

  1. Introduction slides
  2. Design Patterns 1 slides code design patterns are from hell pt 1 pt 2 Game Programming Patterns book online
  3. Design Patterns 2 slides code data oriented design talk
  4. Introduction to C++ 11 (basic features) slides code
  5. Introduction to Modern OpenGL slides code blog post libSDL
  6. OpenGL Shading Language C API slides code
  7. The OpenGL Shading Language slides
  8. Transformation and the Virtual Camera in OpenGL Core Profile slides
  9. Advanced OpenGL, Geometry Shaders, FBO's and Instancing slides
  10. Animation in OpenGL and C++ slides


  1. Details on Bresenham's line drawing algorithm
  2. First Shader


  1. Borrow Copy or Steal Loans and Larceny in the Orthodox Canonical Form
  2. An Overview of Patterns

Links and Articles

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