Aslan Saparov

A Maya Terrain Generator Based on Perlin Noise


This thesis report documents the terrain generation, the research on different methods and techniques possible to generate a terrain as well as the implementation of it in this project. The Maya tool produced for this project aims to generate a few types of terrain based on Perlin noise and found in the real world and appear semi-realistic as well as provide artists or game developers the means to produce areas for levels. The tool consists of a user interface with a number of parameters to control the output such as the frequency and amplitude of the noise forming the shape of the terrain and produces the results that are different on every generation. The tool then textures the generated mesh with different levels of biomes such as water, land, mountain and others. The tool achieves its goal to produce simple landscapes that are realistic and “believable” to an extent as well as providing a certain control over the outcome with the user interface. It could be noted the terrains generated with this tool could be particularly suitable for low poly games or games with low level of detail such as a strategy game for example where the majority of the camera time is arguably spent far away from the ground. It is recognised, however, that the tool could be improved with the use of more advanced techniques of developing terrain landscapes such as polygonal map generation or the use of erosion, etc. The technique itself, Perlin noise terrain generation, could be improved in ways that may not be documented online or otherwise

Thesis A Maya Terrain Generator Based on Perlin Noise

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