Zoe Sams

Thesis: Real-Time Deformation using a Modified Finite Element Method


Every day, we interact with deformable objects such as cloth, hair, paper, and more. Within computer graphics these deformable bodies need to be simulated, whether it is skin for a medical simulation, an application to test stress levels on a bridge for an engineer, or just simply to look believable within a virtual landscape. Methods such as the mass spring model have allowed video games to efficiently recreate the movement of 2D soft bodies such as cloth and hair, however the simulation of more solid objects using this method has issues. In this project, a modified Finite Element Method has been used in order to simulate soft body deformations of thicker objects in a real-time environment, intended for use either as a tool to export these elements or to show the potential applications of the finite element method within video games. The application was created in C++, and uses OpenGL, NGL and Eigen libraries. A visually believable deformation is created within the application, which could be used as a tool for artists as well as a showcase of the methods in real time. Finally, the application has been running with an average framerate of 82 frames per second (fps), exceeding the aim of 60 fps.



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Email: zoegsams@gmail.com