Shruti Jain

Particle Packing


Thesis Particle Packing


Particle packing has been a topic of interest in many areas like engineering, mathematics, physics, biology and computer graphics. Though this topic is not much explored in the field of computer graphics, there are many algorithms proposed in other fields. Many papers can be found in the field of powder technology. In the field of computer graphics, packing of particles can be really interesting in itself as a structural representation or as a packed object that can be used as the basis for different types of simulations. An object packed with particles can be used for fluid simulations or act as the input geometry for point based dynamics. Different types of packing have been implemented, broadly categorized as lattice and non-lattice. The nature of the lattice packing is repetitive and layers resemble other layers, depending on the type chosen. In non-lattice packing, random packing being the most interesting, has been implemented. The size of the particles is kept same for lattice packings. But, in case of random packing, the approach is not confined to the same size of the particle, hence particles can have different sizes. The different implementations are based on various technical papers, and some methods have been combined and even extended.