Martin Davies

A Practical Investigation of RenderMan RIS API

Thesis: A Practical Investigation of RenderMan RIS API


Pixar have recently released a new modular rendering framework for RenderMan, called RIS. It was developed in order to meet demand for efficient high quality physically accurate rendering by introducing efficient and reliable ray tracing to RenderMan pipelines. RIS makes a transition from RSL to the more powerful and flexible C++ programming language for plugin development. It is very new there are minimal plugins available. Most plugins for RIS are produced by Pixar and shipped with RenderMan. There is an opportunity to explore the API that RIS provides and, since it meets the current “fashion” of generating realism in computer generated imagery it opens the door to explore extending RIS with non-photorealistic rendering techniques. This project grasps these opportunities by explaining some of the extensive API and describing the development of a non-photorealistic RIS integrator plugin.



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