Sai Raghunandan

Multi Agent System with Artificial Intelligence

MSc Thesis: Multi Agent System with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in such is a vast area with various branches and methods to implement.
Simulation of an environment where there are different agents interacting communicating
and responding comprises a multi agent system.Implementing such a system with robust
communication system taking care of the message encapsulation and bandwidth has always
been a challenge. This project is one of those attempts to simulate an environment
with multiple agents with different AI behavior. A simple pong game was implemented
as a setup to the system and finally a simple maze game with the multi agent environment is simulated.

Project Demo - The Environment with Graph Nodes

Project Demo - Agents Obstacle avoidance

Project Demo - Agents Collisions

Project Demo - Agents Maze Solving

Project Demo - Agents Chasing the user controlled Agent

Project Demo - The Maze Game

Project Demo - The Initial Setup

Screen Shots

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Agents: Red-White-Green: Artificial Agents Blue: User Controlled

![some text](images/Pong Court.jpg)
The Pong Court with Bounding Box

![some text](images/Agent Ball Collision.jpg)
The Ball agent colliding with the Player Agent

![some text](images/Graph Network.jpg)
The Graph network comprising the nodes on which the agents traverse

![some text](images/Graph Edges.jpg)
The Edges connecting the nodes

some text
The Agents avoiding Collisions with each other

some text
The Maze with all the Game Entities