MSc Projects 2007

The following page contains the Masters project reports from all of the 2007 class.

If any of the work is of interest to anyone please get in contact with me

(The work is presented in alphabetical order)

  • Ergophobia (Games Group) Hasan Atieh, Ben Chandler, Ali Derweesh, Mat Osbond Thesis pdf Website
  • Manjusha Balachandran Battle Simulation using Massive Thesis pdf Movies
  • Nardeep Chander Weathering System Thesis pdf Movies
  • Spencer Drayton Team AI for Games pdf Movie
  • Jedrik Eliasen Beat Tracking to Control Lighting Thesis pdf Movies
  • Gerard Keating Hair Simulation Pipeline Using Houdini and Renderman Thesis pdf Movies
  • David Minor Fire Simulation System Thesis pdf Movies
  • Joao Almeida Weathering System Thesis pdf Images
  • Johannes Saam Maya Muscle and Skining System Thesis pdf
  • Mya Yee Win 2D Fluid system for Houdini Thesis pdf Movies