Online Gallery CreditsX
Gallery Code & Design:Eike Falk Anderson
Oliver Gingrich
Bournemouth University:Eike Falk Anderson
Oliver Gingrich
Sian Hedger
Poole Museum:Bryony James
Rebecca Rossiter
Penelope Lovesy
The works shown in the online gallery were created by:
Valery Adzhiev,  Madeline Alldrigdge,  Eike Falk Anderson,  Natasha Beddoe,  Paddy Brock,  Bianca Cirdei,  Quentin Corker-Marin,  Nadine Ferzoli,  John Haddon,  Jennifer Hardy,  Vicky Isley,  Ben Jones,  Alexa Palmer,  Alexander Pasko,  George Rigby,  Brenda Ximena Roldan Romero,  Paul Smith,  Sarah Tribe,  Stephen Tucker  and  Meijia Wu
Additional Thanks go to:
Claudia Fasola Moore,  Oleg Fryazinov,  Roxanne Cobb,  Helen Freegard,  Carmen Palhau Martins  and  Richard Southern
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Once Upon a Time in Animation
Animation by Brenda Ximena Roldan Romero
In this virtual gallery you will get a taster of the work produced by the NCCA's researchers and students, including traditional arts processes used to produce computer animations, novel technologies and innovative artworks. In addition, you will be able to enjoy internationally screened student animations.
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