The Visualization subsystem of JIFEX (the Structural FEM Analysis and Optimization Design software) was designed to accomodate all the post-processing requirements of finite element analysis. Besides the common functions, such as contour plotting, 3D rotating in the similiar commercial softwares, it supply the user with several advanced data visualization methods.My research work was mainly focused on two points:

  • Slicing the structure with arbitrary planes
  • Volume Rendering of the irregular grids data sets.

There are four parts in this presentation:

    1. The main data structure used in the system. it made the algorithms suitable to multiple element types and entensible very easily.
    2. The pictures of fast slicing algorithm
    3. The shading pictures of some complicate structures used in slicing and Volume Rendering
    4. Pictures of the direct volume rendering algorithm for the Finite Element Meshes