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Jacob Worgan

Fluid simulation is a well studied and important aspect of computer graphics, and with increasing hardware power they are becoming more common in interactive applications. This thesis focusses on exploring the idea of how these fluid simulations can be used in the context of player interaction, and the novel gameplay that can arise from the increasing usage of these simulated elements.

Kirdana Sairathan

This project documents the procedural simulation of rotting and decay, which is a natural phenomime many have seen. It can be simulated to add realism to a scene. Several papers relating to this topic have been discussed, highlighting some of the commonly used techniques. A custom-made solver was developed in Houdini18.5 using the Pyro Sop Solver and predominantly the VEX Wrangles and VOP networks to simulate this process. This report outlines the framework to create a rotting simulation of several fruits; apple, banana and orange. This digital asset will allow the user to input their modelled fruit and set various parameters to create the desired rotting effect they wish. Further development is required to add further realism into the simulation

Akila Lakshminarayanan

Animal Stampede Simulation

Athanasios Papadimitriou

Sand Simulation

Victor French

Rag doll physics simulation

Anitha Rajagopalan

Real Time Simulation of Game Character Clothing

Brett Lambright

Eulerian Smoke Simulation

Chris Priscott

3D Langrangian Fluid Solver using SPH approximations.

Di Xiao Walking

Walking Penguin Crowd Simulation

Esther de Jong

Thesis Simulating Snow with the Material Point Method Abstract This thesis discusses the research and development steps for the simulation of snow with the Material Point Method (MPM). In order to gain an understanding in the technique and mathematics the MPM was researched in detail.

Han Wang Swarm

Swarm Intelligence simulating ant foraging behaviour

Honey Sharma

Soft Body Deformation Dynamics Based on Shape Matching

Joao Montenegro Almedia Weathering System for Maya

Weathering System for Maya

Luis Pereira

Cloth Simulation

Mya Yee Win 2D Fluid Solver for Houdini

2D Fluid Solver for Houdini

Nardeep Chander Weathering System

Weathering System in Houdini

Nikolaos Verigakis

Eulerian Smoke Simulation on the GPU

Quan Xiang

Simulation of Wet Sand in Maya

Rachel Strohkorb

An Investigation into the Viability of a Nonlinear Anisotropic Cloth Model for Simulation

Tonya Strantzi

Fluid Simulation Using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH)

Vincent Bonnet

Intuitive and fast simulation for soft and viscous substances

Yao Lyu

Hair Simulation based on Mass Spring Models