What is ClutterBase?

This vlog is going to show the design and implementation of a tool we are going to use in the Pipeline and TD lecture.

Part 1 Intro

Part 2 Outline

Part 3 Environment

We are going to use the 2022 vfx reference platform for our environment.

The code will now be on this GitHub repo.

Part 4 Assets

I’m using assets from the model here

The mel commands I use to move the origin is as follows

xform -cpc;
move -rpr 0 0 0;

Part 5

Better maya export using the script here

Part 6

The mesh converter script can be found here

Part 7

Looking at the screen shot tool which can be found here

Part 8

The basic database design

Name Type Attributes
ID Integer Primary Key
Name Text Not Null
Description Text Not Null
MeshData BLOB Not Null
TopImage BLOB Not Null
SideImage BLOB Not Null
FrontImage BLOB Not Null
PerspImage BLOB Not Null

Part 9 Tests and Code

Part 10 Proof of Concept

Part 11 Maya GUI

Part 12 Houdini GUI