Mel Script - Menus in mel




Whenever you start creating user interface's, one of the most useful things you can use is a menu bar on your windows.






Example : A simple menu

This little example creates a menu and attaches it to a window.



			// create a window with a menu bar
			window -menuBar true -width 200;
			// create a tearOff menu
			menu -label "File" -tearOff true;
				// add the menu items
				menuItem -label "New";
				menuItem -label "Open";
				menuItem -label "Save";
				menuItem -divider true;
				menuItem -label "Quit";
			// add a help menu
			menu -label "Help" -helpMenu true;
				menuItem -label "About Application...";
			// add the other controls
				button; button; button;




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