Example scenes

1.- Simple plane:

Excellent scene to start to play around. This scene has no elastic node, everything must be created from scratch. Great to familiarise one with the HUD and the user interface sliders.

filename: simplePlane.ma (right click and save as...)

2.- Simple elastic and force:

Same than the previous, but with animations. This scene is the one used for demostration purposes. Great to increase and decrease the deformation and force regions.

filename: simpleDemonstrations.ma (right click and save as...)

3.- Ductile metal:

Some patience and tweaking leads to interesting behaviours like the one described on this scene. Great to play around with boundary tangents and moving the force.

filename: ductileMetal.ma (right click and save as...)

4.- Fluid alike:

This scene shows behaviours from more fluid like materials. Interesting note the behaviour of the nodes coming in and out the force region and the shapes it describes.

filename: fluidAlike.ma (right click and save as...)

5.- Venus:

Complex shape deformations. Example of complex mesh constrained by the requirements of the method. Despite it, this shows that more elaborate shapes can be turned into elastic.

filename: venus.ma (right click and save as...)

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Javier Romero Rodriguez
MSc Computer Animation