Ina M. Sorensen


Melting Simulation with the Material Point Method


The Material Point Method is a technique presented by Stomakhin et. al (2013) for use in simulating deformable bodies. It was originially used to model snow for Walt Disney Animation Studio’s Frozen and has since been shown to produce good results for a large range of materials behaviours including melting and solidification. The aim of this project was to implement the melting simulation as outlined by Stomakhin et. al (2014) using C++ with import and export from Houdini. The time span of the project allowed for an initial implementation of each part of the technique, including interpolation between particles and grid, deviatoric and projected velocity calculations and temperature updates resulting in a phase change. The results give the effect of a deformable solid and a viscous fluid, however, future work is required to improve the stability and accuracy of the solver.


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