Yasser Mohsen

Thesis Implementation of Artistic Curly Hair Dynamics in Houdini


This is an implementation of artistic curly hair dynamics according to the method introduced by Pixar to achieve the artistic hair introduced in the movie Brave. This implementation is done using Houidini, to give Houdini users the ability to apply these dynamics to their hair easily. The implementation is divided into two major sections, the dynamics of a single strain of hair, and optimizing the collision between different hair strains. For the single strain, a combination of three strings is introduced, Stretching string, Bending string, and Core string. For collisions, the operation is optimized by pruning the close particles in the one strain to reduce the amount of particles processed for a single strain from a side, and then from the other side, neighboring hair strains are pruned when possible to reduce the amount of strains to process.


Contact Info

Yasser Mohsen yamohsen@aucegypt.edu +447851920073