Magdalene Chan's MSc Project-- Fire Whirl Simulation


Fire Whirl Thesis in pdf

MEL Source code for this simulation

Fire Whirl User Interface

User Interface Sample image

Fire Whirl User Interface guide

User Interface Guide

Linking structure between the script and the nodes

Class like connection diagram


This project introduces and demonstrates the production, algorithm and technique of creating fire whirl. The final product will be some simulation clips about fire whirl, including the application to a scene, and the built Fire Whirl User Interface.

The primary aim of this project is to experiment the effective way of creating fire whirl, which had introduced in Personal Inquiry Unit. The result of this project will focus more on the animation and the shader used for the fire whirl. The success of this project depends on how close this fire whirl to the reality, as well as the implementation of this fire whirl.  The secondary aim is to demonstrate the programming and animation techniques learnt throughout the whole course, how the learnt knowledge apply into this project, by building the User Interface for the fire whirl creation. The UI is made for animators, so that they can model a fire whirl easily and apply to the relevant scene.

The main research topics for this project are particles animation along the curve, the fire, fluid and vortex/whirl properties, shader and MEL.

Fire Whirl Model (with different size)

1st whirl 2nd whirl 3rd whirl

Left--radius 0.5, height 5, 6 paths
centre--radius 3, height 2, 3 paths
right--radius 4, height 4, 4 paths


Images of fire whirl tests

Simfinal fire final2 smoke problem



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