NGL  6.5
The NCCA Graphics Library
ostream.h File Reference
#include "fmt/format.h"
#include <ostream>
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class  fmt::internal::FormatBuf< Char >
struct  fmt::internal::DummyStream
struct  fmt::internal::ConvertToIntImpl< T, true >




Yes & fmt::internal::convert (std::ostream &)
No & fmt::internal::operator<< (std::ostream &, int)
FMT_FUNC void fmt::internal::write (std::ostream &os, Writer &w)
template<typename Char , typename ArgFormatter , typename T >
void fmt::format_arg (BasicFormatter< Char, ArgFormatter > &f, const Char *&format_str, const T &value)
FMT_FUNC void fmt::print (std::ostream &os, CStringRef format_str, ArgList args)