NGL  6.5
The NCCA Graphics Library File Reference
#include "fmt/format.h"
#include "fmt/printf.h"
#include <string.h>
#include <cctype>
#include <cerrno>
#include <climits>
#include <cmath>
#include <cstdarg>
#include <cstddef>
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#define FMT_TRY   if (true)
#define FMT_CATCH(x)   if (false)
#define FMT_SNPRINTF   snprintf
#define FMT_SWPRINTF   swprintf
#define FMT_POWERS_OF_10(factor)


static fmt::internal::Null strerror_r (int, char *,...)
static fmt::internal::Null strerror_s (char *, std::size_t,...)
FMT_FUNC void fmt::internal::format_system_error (Writer &out, int error_code, StringRef message) FMT_NOEXCEPT
FMT_FUNC void fmt::format_system_error (Writer &out, int error_code, StringRef message) FMT_NOEXCEPT
FMT_FUNC void fmt::report_system_error (int error_code, fmt::StringRef message) FMT_NOEXCEPT
FMT_FUNC void fmt::print (std::FILE *f, CStringRef format_str, ArgList args)
FMT_FUNC void fmt::print (CStringRef format_str, ArgList args)
FMT_FUNC void fmt::print_colored (Color c, CStringRef format, ArgList args)
template<typename Char >
void fmt::printf (BasicWriter< Char > &w, BasicCStringRef< Char > format, ArgList args)
FMT_FUNC int fmt::fprintf (std::FILE *f, CStringRef format, ArgList args)

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#define FMT_CATCH (   x)    if (false)

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#define FMT_POWERS_OF_10 (   factor)
factor * 10, \
factor * 100, \
factor * 1000, \
factor * 10000, \
factor * 100000, \
factor * 1000000, \
factor * 10000000, \
factor * 100000000, \
factor * 1000000000

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#define FMT_SNPRINTF   snprintf

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#define FMT_SWPRINTF   swprintf

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#define FMT_TRY   if (true)

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static fmt::internal::Null strerror_r ( int  ,
char *  ,

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static fmt::internal::Null strerror_s ( char *  ,
std::size_t  ,

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