NGL  6.5
The NCCA Graphics Library
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1 #include "VAOPrimitives.h"
2 #include "Meshes.h"
4 //----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
10 //----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
11 namespace ngl
12 {
15 {
16  // load into the vbo list some basic primitives (these are created in .h file arrays from Obj2VBO)
17  // Obj2VBO and the original models may be found in the Models directory
32 #endif
35 }
37 }
static const float cube[cubeSIZE]
Definition: Cube.h:29
static float tetrahedron[tetrahedronSIZE]
Definition: Tetrahedron.h:27
static float dodecahedron[dodecahedronSIZE]
Definition: Dodecahedron.h:27
static float Octahedron[OctahedronSIZE]
Definition: Octahedron.h:28
constexpr unsigned int tetrahedronSIZE
Definition: Tetrahedron.h:26
void createDefaultVAOs() noexcept
create the default VAO's this is done by the ctor anyway but can be called if the clear method is cal...
constexpr int buddahSIZE
Definition: Buddah.h:26
static float buddah[buddahSIZE]
Definition: Buddah.h:27
implementation files for RibExport class
Definition: AABB.cpp:22
static float teapot[teapotSIZE]
Definition: Teapot.h:29
static const int OctahedronSIZE
Definition: Octahedron.h:27
static float football[footballSIZE]
Definition: Football.h:27
static float icosahedron[icosahedronSIZE]
Definition: Icosahedron.h:27
constexpr int footballSIZE
Definition: Football.h:26
constexpr int icosahedronSIZE
Definition: Icosahedron.h:26
static float bunny[bunnySIZE]
Definition: Bunny.h:27
constexpr int trollSIZE
Definition: Troll.h:26
constexpr int cubeSIZE
Definition: Cube.h:27
constexpr int dragonSIZE
Definition: Dragon.h:27
constexpr int dodecahedronSIZE
Definition: Dodecahedron.h:26
void createVAOFromHeader(const std::string &_name, Real const *_data, unsigned int _Size) noexcept
create a VAO from a static header file of data in the TNV format this will usually be created from th...
static const float dragon[dragonSIZE]
Definition: Dragon.h:29
static float troll[trollSIZE]
Definition: Troll.h:27
constexpr unsigned int teapotSIZE
Definition: Teapot.h:28
constexpr int bunnySIZE
Definition: Bunny.h:26