NGL  6.5
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rapidjson::Encoding Class Reference

Concept for encoding of Unicode characters. More...

#include <encodings.h>

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Detailed Description

Concept for encoding of Unicode characters.

concept Encoding {
typename Ch;
enum { supportUnicode = 1 }; // or 0 if not supporting unicode
template<typename OutputStream>
static void Encode(OutputStream& os, unsigned codepoint);
template <typename InputStream>
static bool Decode(InputStream& is, unsigned* codepoint);
template <typename InputStream, typename OutputStream>
static bool Validate(InputStream& is, OutputStream& os);
// The following functions are deal with byte streams.
template <typename InputByteStream>
static CharType TakeBOM(InputByteStream& is);
template <typename InputByteStream>
static Ch Take(InputByteStream& is);
template <typename OutputByteStream>
static void PutBOM(OutputByteStream& os);
template <typename OutputByteStream>
static void Put(OutputByteStream& os, Ch c);

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