NGL  6.5
The NCCA Graphics Library
ngl::SimpleIndexVAO::VertexData Class Reference

#include <SimpleIndexVAO.h>

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Public Member Functions

 VertexData (size_t _size, const GLfloat &_data, unsigned int _indexSize, const GLvoid *_indexData, GLenum _indexType, GLenum _mode=GL_STATIC_DRAW)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ngl::AbstractVAO::VertexData
 VertexData (size_t _size, const GLfloat &_data, GLenum _mode=GL_STATIC_DRAW)

Public Attributes

unsigned int m_indexSize
const GLvoidm_indexData
GLenum m_indexType
- Public Attributes inherited from ngl::AbstractVAO::VertexData
size_t m_size
const GLfloatm_data
GLenum m_mode =GL_STATIC_DRAW

Detailed Description

Definition at line 38 of file SimpleIndexVAO.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ngl::SimpleIndexVAO::VertexData::VertexData ( size_t  _size,
const GLfloat _data,
unsigned int  _indexSize,
const GLvoid _indexData,
GLenum  _indexType,
GLenum  _mode = GL_STATIC_DRAW 

Definition at line 41 of file SimpleIndexVAO.h.

Member Data Documentation

const GLvoid* ngl::SimpleIndexVAO::VertexData::m_indexData

Definition at line 46 of file SimpleIndexVAO.h.

unsigned int ngl::SimpleIndexVAO::VertexData::m_indexSize

Definition at line 45 of file SimpleIndexVAO.h.

GLenum ngl::SimpleIndexVAO::VertexData::m_indexType

Definition at line 47 of file SimpleIndexVAO.h.

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