Project Layout and File Naming Conventions

The NCCA standard build tool is make, we will use either qmake or cmake to build the Makefiles. The following naming / project conventions are to be used for all files within a project to make location of code and files easier for developers

Filename conventions

All files are to start with a capital letter with the first letter of each work being capitlised as well. For example


All C++ source files must have the extention .cpp and all header include files must have the extention .h

Project Layout

All projects should be in the following format

			/src/   .cpp files only 
			/include/ .h files only 
			/obj/  .o build files only
			/doc/  documentation 
			/models/ (models)
			/shaders/ (shaders)
			/textures/ (image based textures)

(any other resources should be split here so exe has access to files based from the current directory Additionally if the project builds a library



When using cmake we use “out of source builds” usually by creating a build directory in the main project directory.