MSc Projects 2010

The following page contains the Masters project from all of the 2010 MSc Computer Animation and Visual Effects class.

(The work is presented in alphabetical order)

  • Vincent Bonnet Intuitive and fast simulation for soft and viscous substances

  • Tom Dawson Game Creation using OGRE Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine

  • Peter Dodds Transportation Network Generation Framework

  • Emanuele Goffredo Tool for the Procedural destruction in houdini

  • Adam Gritt Procedural Fish Animation

  • Chaitanya Kapu Procedural generation of Bridges and Tunnels Animation Tools and Techniques in Production

  • Luis Parada Pereira Cloth Simulation

  • Chris Priscott 3D Langrangian Fluid Solver using SPH approximations.

  • Steve Twist Real-Time Facial Motion Capture System

  • Han Wang Swarm Intelligence simulating ant foraging behaviour

  • Eduard Zell Automatic rigging Tool for centipedes and millipedes