Peter Claes

Controlling Fluid Simulations with Custom Fields in Houdini

Thesis Controlling Fluid Simulations with Custom Fields in Houdini

A compilation of the various manipulations I did using my volume attribute transfer tools and the solvers and microsolvers in Houdini’s dynamic context.

Setting a tree on fire by spreading the fuel field through the branches and applyint temperature.

Setting fuel on fire that was defined by a helix curve. Purple is fuel, yellow is heat and white is density resolting from combustion.

Using particle collisions to trigger fuel and heat emissions combined with a high initial velocity that is sampled from the normal of the collision surface.

The density and tangent velocity fields for used to modify the velocity.

Using the tangent vectors of a helix curve to modify the velocity field.

Merging colors together through diffusion of a custom color vector field and making the red colors rise quicker by driving the temperature with the red color value.

Diffusing the custom color field and adding a vortex force to make the red and blue smoke swirl around each other.