MSc Projects 2005

MSc 2005 Masters Projects

The following page contains the Masters project reports from all of the 2005 class.

(The work is presented in alphabetical order)

  • Shane Aherne Automatic Motion Capture Blending with Registration Curves pdf
  • Andreas Bauer InkPlay Water Colour Simulation using the Lattice Boltzmann Method for 2D Fluid Dynamics pdf
  • David Basalla Forest Generation with Maya and Renderman pdf
  • Jamie Briens Creating Implicit Surfaces for a Fluid Dynamic System pdf
  • Daniel Diggins ARLib : A C++ Augmented Reality Library pdf
  • Shuai Han AI Game system pdf
  • Gavin Harrison Elaine Kieran Luke Oppenshaw (Group Project) Cloth Simulation pdf
  • Seema Jogoo Animation of Water Droplets and their Dynamics on Glass Panes pdf
  • Alexander Kaminski Fluid Simulation pdf
  • Zhuo Yao Lu A Maya Flocking System pdf
  • Mark Newport Start to Finish Feather Solution Thesis.pdf
  • Osiris Perez Real-Time Dynamic Ambient Occlusion pdf
  • Siobhan Platten Automatic Generation of Walk Animation Over Arbitrary Terrain pdf
  • Sanjana Rajendran Ragdoll Physics in Maya pdf
  • Hannes Ricklefs A Framework for Physically Based Shattering pdf
  • Javier Romero Rodriguez Physically Based Elastic Behaviour pdf
  • Arun Somasekharan Fire Simulation
  • Lucy Ward Colour Management and Spectral Ray Tracing pdf.